Repetitive Flood Loss Properties – San Francisco

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) insures properties against flooding losses in the Bay Area through the National Flood Insurance Program. Those properties that have had more than one insured flood loss are called repetitive loss properties.

2004 Data

In 2004, ABAG gathered data from FEMA on the location and payment amounts for all repetitive loss properties in the Bay Area. ABAG was able to use the location information to determine whether the property was within the 100 or 500 year floodplains. This data was used in the 2005 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

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(2004 data only)

2011 Data

ABAG updated the repetitive loss information for the update of its Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, but was unable to obtain location information for any new repetitive loss properties since 2004. The table below lists all repetitive flood loss data reported by FEMA as of March 2, 2011. No location information is available for any new repetitive loss properties added since 2004. This data was used in combination with the 2004 data for the 2010-2011 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

City and County Total Payment ($) Average Payment ($) Losses Res. Prop. Comm. Prop. Total Prop. Total Prop. (as of 2004)
San Francisco City and County 109,663.73 9,969.43 11 4 0 4 4
Last updated: 09.17.2014