Business Preparedness

Increasing Customer and Employee Safety in Earthquakes

Bracing and anchoring building contents
Natural gas safety and gas shutoff valves
Hazardous materials issues
Liability for earthquake hazards and losses
Benefits and costs of mitigation
What Every Child Care Provider Needs to Know About Earthquake Preparedness, FEMA 2006

Enhancing Business Resilience

Managing business disruption
Planning for transportation and utility disruptions
Speeding up post-disaster building reoccupancy
QuakeSmart Toolkit: Earthquake Mitigation Toolkit for Businesses, FEMA 2011

Downtown Santa Cruz businesses in ruins after 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake Source: USGS Photographic Library, ID. Meyer, C.E. 17ct

Building Vulnerability Resources

Guide to Earthquake Vulnerable Commercial Building Types
Find a retrofit contractor, engineer or home inspector

Emergency Response Resources

Make a plan and know what to do
Emergency supplies
Dealing with transportation disruptions in earthquakes
Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

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