San Francisco County Earthquake Hazard

San Francisco is exposed to seismic hazards from numerous known faults and potentially unmapped or undiscovered faults. The most active faults in the region are the San Andreas Fault and the Hayward Fault. The San Andreas is most likely to produce the most damaging earthquake.

All of San Francisco is susceptible to very strong to severe shaking. Areas subject to very strong shaking include the Lake Merced area, Treasure Island, and the Marina District, North Waterfront, Financial District North, Financial District South, SOMA, Mission Bay, South Beach, Potrero Hill, Bayview District, and Hunters Point neighborhoods. Liquefiable soils in San Francisco are generally found in filled areas along the bay front, former bay inlets, and sandy low-lying areas along the ocean front. Past earthquakes have also caused landslides on steep slopes within the county.

San Francisco County Hazard Map

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Use this map to view the intensity of shaking likely across the county from all faults in a given time period. Each color represents a 10% probability of a certain MMI being exceeded in 50 years. Roll your mouse over where you live to view the most damaging earthquake scenario for your area, then click to view the shaking scenario map.
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Source: USGS, 2013.

Last updated: 01.26.2018