Join us for a lunchtime talk by professor John McDonagh of Lincoln University in Christchurch, NZ.

Mr. McDonagh is researching the impact of the 2010/2011 Christchurch earthquakes on building owners and tenants in an area of the Christchurch central business district that was undergoing revitalization and gentrification prior to the earthquakes. The methodology encompasses a comprehensive, long term case study of the area involving observation, interviews and document analysis. This paper reports preliminary findings based on a small number of interviews, also informed by observation of public meetings and newspaper reports. Findings include early commitment by some businesses to a rebuild of the area in the same style, but over time this has declined as delay, demolition, insurance problems, public safety and engineering concerns, political and planning changes and other emerging issues have made participation by the original owners and tenants impossible or uneconomic. It is early days in a long term rebuild process and this study focuses on only one area of the city, but it appears similar problems have arisen in other parts of the city and may well apply to other locations and other types of disasters.

When: Wednesday, September 17th, noon-1pm

Where: MetroCenter, 101 8th St, Oakland, 3rd Floor Staff Conference Room

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