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Test your knowledge of nonstructural hazards by taking the “Fact or Fiction” quiz below.
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Tall and skinny objects fall over while short and stubby objects slide. Masonry chimneys fall over in violent shaking unless they are braced. Museums in Earthquake Country have been leaders in developing ways to keep pieces of sculpture from falling.
Tables and desks will not slide during an earthquake. Some things are simply too heavy to move. Latching cupboards can be dangerous because the dishes will break inside.
A bookcase on the 3rd floor of a building is no more likely to fall over than a bookcase on the first floor.
A typical house contains dangerous chemicals that could be hazardous if spilled in an earthquake. 5% of injuries in earthquakes are caused by objects falling on you.

All images are courtesy of Lena Perkins and are used with her permission.

Last updated: 09.17.2014