What is Local Policy Implementation Assistance?

To ensure that mitigation activities are implemented locally in a meaningful and impactful way, ABAG seeks to provide in-depth assistance to a small number of jurisdictions to develop implementation tools and guidance as well as provide technical assistance with action implementation. The goals of this project are to ensure that mitigation activities are regionally coordinated, implemented locally in a meaningful and impactful way, and to minimize the amount of individual resources required by any one city to implement mitigation and resilience policy.This also allows ABAG to develop meaningful lessons learned for other jurisdictions to implement the same actions in the future. We also hope to facilitate inter-jurisdictional fostering of new and innovative ideas and provide a “community of practice” for local resilience leaders in the Bay Area.

Throughout 2016, ABAG is partnering with a select number of cities to develop policy tools for implementing hazard mitigation strategies. Participating cities may select a single policy or goal they would like to push forward throughout the year within the category of mitigation or resilience. This may be a mitigation strategy identified in the 2010 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan or Climate Adaptation Plan. The action may already be underway, or it may be a new view on the LHMP effort. Examples include developing a soft-story retrofit program or adopting a pre-disaster recovery ordinance.

Benefits for jurisdictions will include:

  • In-depth assistance to develop implementation tools and guidance, such as model ordinances, case studies, and best practices, based on our existing research;
  • One-on-one ad-hoc technical assistance with action implementation, identifying and overcoming barriers and challenges as they arise. This may include additional research, representation at local meetings, or helping to find additional assistance through consultants or outside technical experts;
  • Pre-qualification for future resilience financing tools under development at ABAG, and priority notification of future funding and financing opportunities for resilience building and assistance in pursuing these opportunities.

ABAG hopes to add more local partners in the future.

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Last modified: 06.02.2016