Oakland Soft-Story Buildings


Project Overview

ABAG is working with the City of Oakland’s Safer Homes Through Seismic Retrofits Program to identify and strengthen soft-story multi-unit buildings vulnerable to collapse in earthquakes. Past earthquakes have demonstrated that these buildings pose a safety risk to tenants and occupants, a financial risk to owners and risk the recovery of the City and region. In 2008 Oakland surveyed its multi-family buildings with five or more units and in 2009 Oakland passed an ordinance that required the owners of these buildings to complete a simple evaluation of the ground floor. Phase 1 of the project identified and evaluated 1,380 potential soft-story buildings. Phase 2 of the program got underway in the Fall of 2014 with the goal of performing engineering evaluations and retrofitting buildings that lack adequate strength to resist shaking.

Phase 2 | Safer Housing for Oakland: A Retrofit Program for Soft-story Apartment Buildings

Informational Memo: Safer Housing for Oakland – Retrofit Program for Soft Story Apartment Buildings, October 16, 2014

Phase 1 | Building Inventory and Screening

City of Oakland Ordinance for Mandatory Seismic Screening of Multiple Story Buildings Constructed Prior to 1991, July 2009
Map identifying the results of the soft-story screening | OpenOakland interactive map viewer
Report: Soft-Story Housing Improvement Plan for the City of Oakland: Building Screening Phase, revised October 2014
City of Oakland Soft-Story Seismic Screening Program
Last modified: 08.24.2015