Oakland Soft-Story Building Inventory


Project Overview

ABAG is working with The City of Oakland to take steps to identify soft-story multi-unit buildings vulnerable to collapse in earthquakes. Past earthquakes have demonstrated that these buildings pose a safety risk to tenants and occupants, a financial risk to owners and risk the recovery of the City and region. In 2008 Oakland surveyed its multi-family buildings with five or more units and in 2009 Oakland passed an ordinance that required the owners of these buildings to complete a simple evaluation of the ground floor. The 2013 report documents the data collected thus far as a result of that ordinance and recommends next steps the City and residents can take to reduce damage to multi-unit wood-frame soft-story buildings in an earthquake.

Project Outcomes

Map identifying the results of the soft-story screening
Soft-Story Housing Improvement Plan for the City of Oakland: Building Screening Phase, March 2013

More Information

Last modified: 10.29.2013