Bay Area Wildland Urban Interface White Paper


The White Paper is a resource for Bay Area communities to better understand wildland fire risk in the region. The paper characterizes wildfire hazard in the region, assesses existing wildfire hazard maps, and includes a literature review of Bay Area fire planning documents. A suite of appendices provide links to resources to support communities engaged in wildfire mitigation efforts in their communities. In addition to the paper, a searchable database of wildfire mitigation strategies is also available showcasing the 350+ strategies discussed in the 15 reviewed Bay Area fire planning documents. The scope of the White Paper does not focus on the 2017 North Bay Fires, but instead explores the strategies communities currently use to mitigate wildfire risk.

Wildfire White Paper – A review of Bay Area wildfire hazard, and planning documents used to mitigate the risks.

Strategy Spreadsheet – Staff reviewed 15 wildfire planning documents used by communities across the region and aggregated a full list of strategies from each plan. The 360 strategies are searchable by jurisdiction and strategy type.

GIS Open Data Resources – CalFire produces a range of wildfire maps that communities can use to characterize their risks. These resources are available through CalFire and are also provided on the Resilience Program’s Open Data page.

Online Map Web Viewer — Two wildfire mapping layers are provided on our online map viewer, (1) Historic Wildfire Perimeters (1950 – 2014), and (2) Wildland Urban Interface zones. Both maps are generated by CalFire. The above link to the Open Data page has additional layers that are not included in the web viewer.

Analysis Tables – If interested readers would like background data used to produce tables in the Wildfire White Paper report, please contact Michael Germeraad ( for additional files.

Last modified: 09.28.2018