Stronger Housing, Safer Communities Strategies

Once your community is familiar with your own unique vulnerabilities, you can easily identify strategies that address these vulnerabilities. Strategies are designed to be responsive to the vulnerability types identified and analyzed, choosing which strategies to use is most easily approached through the following steps:

  • First, identify who the lead should be: the state, the region, or the local jurisdiction.
  • Then, identify the vulnerability type you’d like to address: community vulnerability, fragile housing, or hazards.
  • Last, choose which hazard you’d like to address: ground shaking, liquefaction, flooding, or any hazard.

The result will be a tailored list of strategies that address the specific criteria you’ve identified within your community. You can download the PDFs and use these strategies to guide Hazard Mitigation Planning, General Planning, and policy and program decisions.

Note: Many strategies address multiple vulnerabilities and will appear more than once in the strategy selection table.

Select a lead:

Select a vulnerability type:

Select a hazard:

Last updated: 12.11.2017