Tools for Implementing Resilience Practice Workshop Series

In 2017, the ABAG Resilience Program hosted a workshop series with key partners, entitled Tools for Implementing Resilience Practices. The series was produce to support local governments gain technical information and build local capacity to implement resilience-building strategies. This series builds on the Mitigation and Adaptation Plan workshop series held in summer 2015 to develop climate-inclusive local hazard mitigation plans. Now that many jurisdictions’ plans are completed and adopted, implementing identified strategies is critical to increasing resilience. This workshop series provides tools, local examples, connections, and concepts for implementation, including:

  • An overview of specific topics to familiarize attendees with basic concepts and ideas;
  • Concrete tools for planning and implementing resilience strategies that are applicable to various kinds of strategies;
  • Linkage of the workshop topic to the broader regulatory and policy context;
  • Linkage to potential funders and funding opportunities to pay for implementation.

Click on any workshop title to access presentations and materials shared at each workshop.

Setting Yourself Up for Successful Federal Funding – January 17, 2017

Find the right program at the right time, identify eligible projects, and set up your applications for success. This workshop will be an introduction to federal funding available to communities. We will focus on specific programs that support resilience and sustainability projects. This workshop is co-hosted by FEMA Region IX.

Linking Resilience to Planning and Engagement – March 28, 2017

This workshop will focus on how to integrate resilience projects into daily planning and decision-making, linking disaster, climate, and social resilience, with an emphasis on engaging community stakeholders to build support and buy-in.

Innovative Local and Regional Approaches to Resilience Financing – May 15, 2017

Federal funding is just one avenue for implementing resilience actions. This workshop will explore how to develop long-term community and regional capital resources as part of an integral strategy for Bay Area cities to develop holistic financial plans to fund resilience actions.

Building Resilient Homes to Build Resilient Communities: A Pilot Project – July 25, 2017

85% of the housing we need by 2040 exists today. Yet much of it is in need of energy, water, and seismic retrofits. This workshop will highlight technical and financial resources for upgrades, and start a conversation on unlocking sustainability, resilience, and equity dividends. This workshop is co-hosted by BayREN.

Energy Planning: Implementing Microgrids as a Resilience Strategy – September 28, 2017

Communities are increasingly tapping into microgrids to support goals to decrease carbon footprint, increase energy reliability, and support community development. A microgrid is a specialized energy component that can operate in unison with or independent of the electric grid.The technology has been around for decades, but recent technological advancement, growing knowledge networks, increasing regulatory attention, and robust state incentives are expanding the deployment of microgrids by and for Bay Area municipalities. The workshop will highlight case studies of Bay Area cities that have taken different approaches to designing and deploying microgrids, and feature representatives from PG&E. This workshop is co-hosted by BayREN.

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