Wildfire Maps and Information

Wildfire Threat

Source: California Department of Forestry (CalFire), 2003. State Responsibility Areas
Interactive Wildfire Threat Map

This maps focuses on wildland fuels in State Responsibility Areas, that is, where the California Department of Forestry has primary jurisdiction for wildland fire response.

Wildfire Perimeters

Source: California Department of Forestry (CalFire), Fire and Resource Assessment Program
Fire Perimeters

This map focuses on historical wildfire perimeters for wildfires occurring between 1950-2011.

Wildfire Resources

Your local fire department may have identified additional mitigation information not found on this web site.
Diablo Firesafe Council – Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
Structural Fire Prevention Field Guide for Mitigation of Wildfires (pdf)
Firewise Communities
CalFIRE – The California Department of Forestry
Wildfire Safety Checklist – American Red Cross
At Home in the Woods: Lessons Learned in the Wildland-Urban Interface – FEMA
The Fire Safe Council
Last updated: 12.16.2016