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New! Earthquake Field Guide and Home Safety Quiz The Earthquake Field Guide and Earthquake Home Safety Quiz are designed to help Bay Area residents identify possible earthquake-related problems in common home types in the region.The Field Guide helps users identify their home type, and the Home Safety Quiz provides residents with next steps to improve earthquake performance. Visit homequakequiz.org to explore both resources. Posted on 10.19.18

NEW! Wildfire White Paper – The Wildfire White Paper is a resource for Bay Area communities to better understand wildland fire risk in the region. The paper characterizes wildfire hazard in the region, assesses existing wildfire hazard maps, and includes a literature review of Bay Area fire planning documents. A suite of appendices provide links to resources to support communities engaged in wildfire mitigation efforts in their communities. How will your community prepare for wildfire? Visit the report web page, read the white paper, and download the strategy database for yourself.

Posted on 09.28.18

Do you know what to expect in the next big earthquake? The USGS just released a new website to help Bay Area residents learn about the big issues to expect before, during, and after a major earthquake in an urban area. Get prepared here and learn everything you need to know about living in earthquake country.

Posted on 04.11.18

Earthquake Housing Loss Report ABAG is pleased to announce the release of our newest research. The new data illustrates the consequences to the region’s housing stock from 16 earthquake scenarios. How would your county fare? Visit the web page, read the housing loss and shelter needs white papers, and download the data for yourself.

Posted on 02.08.18

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